Will You Come Into the Land?

Num 14:23 "Surely they shall not see the land which I sware unto their fathers, neither shall any of them that provoked me see it"

About a year ago, I was praying and communing with God about the condition of the modern church.  I was thinking about the ideas and philosophies that have subtly crept into these church assemblies.  My heart broke under the burden for the present lack of fervor and desire for the spiritual moving and renewal of the Holy Spirit.  For instance, churches that were once recognized as "Pentecostal" in the Book of Acts sense of the term, not the New Age definition, are now deemphasizing the workings of the Holy Spirit.  It is as though the mindset of the people have now been programmed to desire the approval of society and the world rather than the approval of God; seeking the acceptance of men rather than a genuine demonstration of the Holy Spirit among them.  When you ponder such a condition, you know that God's intent for His church is absent in these assemblies.  The activity that many of these churches see are people joining what I have personally referred to as "The Club called Christianity" through mere mental assent.  However, the joining of this club is not a true conversion through regeneration by the Holy Ghost bringing them into the Body of Christ.  While interceding for this problem, the Holy Spirit spoke something into me.  He stated that "due to their unwillingness, due to their own lack of hunger and desire, due to their own disobedience, due to THEIR UNBELIEF, they will not attain to the blessing that I have prepared in these last days."  

On the verge of a fulfilled blessing

The children of Israel were right there on the borders of their promise, the land that God was going to give them.  The day of their promise had finally arrived.  There were no more wilderness journeys to endure, nor was there anymore waiting for what God had promised the people of Israel.  The view of the promise land was right there ahead of them, close within their grasp.  Spies sent into the country had confirmed what God had described.  It was a land flowing with milk and honey.  The men brought back pomegranates, figs, and even a cluster of grapes that required the work of two men.  God was about to bless them with their own land that would exceed their own expectation.  How many Christians today are within an arm’s length grasp of something that God has promised?  That blessing that you have journeyed and endured the strain of battle in an effort to receive?  Many of you are on the verge of your own personal blessing from God.  You are right there and you can sense that God is about to fulfill it.  The promise that God made, the one thing you have waited for, is just about to be within reach.

Confronted with the Obstacle of Blessing

Even though the spies described the promise land as beautiful and plenteous, they also came back with additional information regarding this land.  They described the land as filled with great walled cities and warriors that were giants, strong and skilled in war.  In fact, they described themselves as grasshoppers next to these warrior giants.  Although the information was factual, it obscured the promise with doubt and fear.  The people then began to weep being overwhelmed with fear and hopeless unbelief.  The blessing, the promise made by God, had now become impossibility in their minds.   Their focus had now shifted from the promise that God made, from trusting His word, to the obstacles that lay ahead.  Like the children of Israel, many are enthused about the promise of blessing.  However, the obstacles seem to detour their eyes of faith from the promise of God’s word to the defeating circumstances that lies ahead.

They didn’t enter into their Blessing

Due to their unbelief, they disobeyed God and did not enter into their blessing.  The Holy Spirit uses the word “provoked” to describe how God felt about their unbelief.  What the Holy Spirit was actually saying is that this people not only aroused the displeasure of God turning His divine favor away from them, they demonstrated in their “provocation” contempt and abhorrence for God.  As you can observe from the verse, faith is demonstrated by obedience and, of course, as you would surmise, disobedience is the demonstration of unbelief.  I guess to simplify this principle you would say “the proof is in the pudding.”  What am I actually saying?  I am proclaiming that God is about to do a HUGE thing in the church, in these last days and there will be a large portion who will miss this blessing due to their lack of desire, apathy, complacency, and yes, unbelief.  I have already begun to see the separation of those who will from those who won’t.

Repent and receive His last-day blessing

Do you want the blessing?  Let me admonish you today, no matter what your age, your denomination, or ever how long you have been a Christian, if you find yourself in a stupor of apathy, spiritual hearing that has grown dull to the Word of God, or spiritual eyes that have become blinded to the move of God, wake up, repent, and stir up that gift of God's Spirit within you. God is about to do something powerful and miraculous. If you are saying at this moment, "I'm okay, this is just the ranting of an evangelist," and you are not okay, you will be one of those who will miss entering into the promise of this coming blessing. Again, let me encourage you, examine yourselves, place pride under the blood and have a revival today in your own heart and be a part of what God has begun to do.

Ministry Updates

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